IdeA was established in Navarra in 1.996, and rapidly consolidated a niche in the national market as a leader in the security and control access technologies of the street furniture sector.
IdeA was one of the first European companies to aggressively enter the global market, specialising in automatic bollards.

IdeA has a wide range of 200 automatic and semiautomatic bollards and 90 extractable and fixed models, with extensive remote control command, and automatic systems, (electric and electronic cupboards, power groups, remote controls, proximity cards, GSM system, ADSL, etc); additionally, the elements to solve control access problems, whether to regulate traffic or to protect (speed reducers, guide posts, traffic lights, etc).

Specialization, guarantee and safety

Competing with giant firms with diverse security and control access production that distributed limited systems, IdeAʼs strategy focused on manufacture and the development of automatic bollards, specialising in the following three basic sectors:

Control access bollards

Control access bollards designed for pedestrian areas

Security anti-terrorism bollards

for high-end jewellery stores, high security zones including government buildings…

Bollards to protect

Bollards to protect private homes, sports centres, public parkings…

Mission, vision y values

Since its creation, IdeA´s priority is to address all technical, aesthetic and functional requirement demands by not only the private but also public sectors. Its focus is on design, manufacture, sales and maintenance of a wide range of automatic bollards of the highest quality. IdeA custom manufactures as well to adapt to all sectors, accepting all necessary variant demands from its clients, complying with all special technical requirements exclusively in each case.

IdeA is a young, innovative corporation that puts its bets on new technologies, daily adapting its products according to market demands. This policy focuses on new challenges and opportunities that new technology provides. As a result of this, IdeA invests a big chunk of its funds annually in the R & D department, constantly introducing innovative new products in the market, and adapting the current products finding solutions to the ever changing necessities of the sector.

Finally, IdeA due to its continuous involvement in diverse countries
(12 exhibitions per year, fairs and shows), makes exhaustive market research studies in different countries in order to know the special requirements of each region first hand, and therefore be ahead of its competitors.



All the information about our products: automatic, hydraulic and antiterrorism bollards, instalation and mounting…