IdeA manufactures antiterrorism security bollards, suitable for providing solutions in the case of the defence sector or vandalism for both restricted and protected
access control areas. They are specially designed to support a vehicle collision without deforming the bollard systems.

All anti-terrorism bollards are manufactured in stainless steel AISI-316-L marine anticorrosive and plastified steel, in various diameters, diverse heights and thickness.

Bollards are submitted to crash impact tests in order to provide perfect running, additionally put through durability studies tests.

The Department of Diplomatic Security of the U.S. Department of State has put to test Presion y Fuerzaʼs antiterrorism bollards of level K12 (6,800 kg to 80 kph = 1,695,000 J) vehicle impact resistance of the then specification SD.STD-02.01 level K12, now replaced by the corresponding ASTM-F2656-07, and certification BSI-PAS68.

They can be pneumatic, hydraulic or electric.

Milling and Reflective Band: Double, 32 mm x 1,5 mm Depth, Level 3 retro-reflective
Lighting: 6 Leds
Shield or Logo: Printed shield with laser
Bollards Embellishment: 12 Large Milling
Flashing Light: Flashing lights by movement
Antifreeze heater: For areas of low temperatures
Gradient for slopes