For intensive use with many users. Recommended for
20,000 cycles per day:

  • Automatic rising and falling with double pneumatic effect, remote controlled, proximity cards, manual control button, GSM, etc.
  • To solve access control problems and to regulate traffic fluidity.
  • Series Ø 324mm / Ø 274mm / Ø 220mm / Ø 168mm / Ø 141mm.
  • Storm-water drainage is necessary.

Milling and Reflective Band: Doble, 32 mm x 1,5 mm Depth, Level 3 retro-reflective

Profundidad, grado 3

Lighting: 6 Leds

Shield or Logo: Printed shield or logo with laser

Bollards Embellishment: 12 Large Milling

Flashing Light: Flashing lights by movement

Antifreeze heater: For areas of low temperatures

Gradient for slopes