Pivotes peatonales

Pedestrian bollards

Security devices manufactured specifically to prevent collisions in exclusively pedestrian areas. These bollards have been designed and manufactured in order to obtain notable advantages over other existing technologies for similar purposes of the sector.

A device is provided in order to raise bollards at zebra crossings, by using a temporary drive impulse that activates when traffic light turns red for vehicles in the marked and regulated crosswalks. Green traffic light un-activates the system. Therefore cars are forced to stop and pedestrians may cross with absolute security and safeguard in mind.

Patented System.

Elastomeric polymer bollard

The elastomeric polymer bollards are a new material with unique properties, which provide maximum strength and flexibility, providing safer and more durable bollards.

Due to its rigid characteristic, it perfectly serves to prevent the passage of vehicles in delimited areas, its flexibility makes the bollards virtually unbreakable. When elastomeric polymer bollards receive an impact the bollards will return to their original position. No destroyed parts, no dents, no rusts.

IdeA can manufacture the elastomeric bollards with attractive designs in record time. The elastomeric polymer bollards ensure almost unlimited duration.

Pivotes de polímero elastomérico