Reductores de velocidad



System for applications where it is necessary that vehicles reduce speed, like in residential , school areas, pedestrian streets, bycicle way…

Technical charactersitics

  • The speed reducer falls directly on the vehicle when it is moving, producing a vertical impulse.
  • The driver will have negative consequences in his own security if the speed is not the allowed.
  • The speed reducers pyf are a modular system composed by central elements and external elements, made in natural rubber, black with yellow reflectors.
  • The speed reducers pyf are necessaries to increase security in residential areas, school zones, pedestrian crossing, bicycles, childrens, etc.
  • The natural rubber allows a bigger longevity.
  • It is necessary to make the relevant vertical signs before the speed reducers installation.
  • It also increases security because the friction between the vehicle´s wheel and the speed reducer is bigger; both are rubber.
  • The yellow insertions have a big retroreflective and non-slip capacity and they give visibility in case of bad weather conditions or darkness.
  • The installation is made to balance the strenght of each element and to allow a well balanced distribution. Each element has two lace elements to give consistency.
  • Each module allows the rain drainages and it is installed with screws and expanding bungs. For the installation it is only necessary one borehole and a screw key.
  • The 3 cm central elements have 5 screws and the 5 cm central elements have 7 screws. Washers are set in the elements to make the road-elements life longer.