Anti-crash bollards

Businesses around the world with high security needs rely on the products/services and installations of IdeA.

A security bollard of IdeA Ø114 mm and 8 mm thickness is capable of absorbing an impact equal to the force of a vehicle
of 2,500 kg to 70 km / h.

Tested and certified by TECNUN, Technological Institute of the Superior School of Industrial Engineers from the University of Navarra.

A passive security system should be effective. At the same time it should be integrated discreetly and aesthetically in a commercial environment. We bear the same in mind through our innovation and
R & D ongoing research.

  • Adaptation to corporate or institutional images, logos, shields…
  • Various finishes: stainless steel, plasticised steel.
  • Internal lighting.
  • Easy to operate, minimum maintenance.